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Protect your valuable memorabilia with Ultra PRO’s Football Display. This display is designed with a built-in ball cradle to hold the football in place either vertically or horizontally and is sized to hold a regulation professional football or regulation college football. This display fully protects and encloses your memorabilia in a 2-piece slide design made of non-PVC, acid free, ultra clear materials. The inner dimensions of the display are 7” x 7” x 11-1/4”. One of the most popular displays in the industry, and a standard for many collectors, now includes new features to hold regulation professional and regulation college football securely in place.

  • Stores & displays 1 Football
  • Built-in ball cradle holds regulation professional or regulation college football
  • Holds ball in place, both vertically and horizontally
  • 2-piece slide design
  • No PVC / Acid Free / Ultra Clear


UPC: 074427858520

Football Display

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