July 21, 2017

A quick follow up on last week’s article where I told of a situation with a customer who was offered $650 for a baseball card collection that I subsequently paid $2000. Another customer commented after reading that article, that I could have bought the collection for a...

July 21, 2017

This weeks’ article is about an experience I had last week and a cautionary reminder when someone is selling collectibles or precious metals.

A woman came into my shop with a collection of old baseball cards that were inserted in cigarette packs in the early 1900’s, kno...

January 11, 2016

I’m going to start the New Year with some observations and predictions about the prices of precious metals and the events that may have an impact on those prices. I’ve already seen headlines reading “2016, The Year of Living  Dangerously”, and unfortunately I have to a...

January 1, 2016

I recently read an article about Sweden, that country in northern Europe between Norway and Finland, where it gets really cold, and how they are planning on doing away with all coins and currency. Instead of using coins and currency, the citizens of Sweden are being en...

November 2, 2015




I was recently turned on to a news article in the Philadelphia Inquirer by Don Williams because he was intrigued by its’ title about the U.S. government going after coin recyclers. Since technically I am a coin recycler because I buy old U.S. silver coinage, he thou...

November 2, 2015

If you have a valuable collection and want to make sure it is properly insured, ask your insurance agent what you need to do to be assured it is properly covered in the event of a fire, flood or burglary. Many basic homeowner insurance policies do not cover collections...

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